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@The Old Cook House, Donaghcloney

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Thanks to Community Fund and the Lottery all of our current classes are being offered via Zoom.  We are happy to help people get access to zoom if they are unsure how to use it. We are looking for volunteers to talk people through how to access zoom and connect online. If you would like to help please email us thepodprojectni@gmail.com 

June 2020 


Would you like to join our team as a volunteer and doer? This is an invitation to join the Pod Project on a journey of exploration of sustainability and wellbeing.

A climate crisis has been declared but what does that mean in reality? It has been said by many leading scientists that there needs to be an unprecedented response on the scale of a world war and yet the status quo continues. The Pod Project’s aim is to is create a community of people who want to act now, share creative solutions, teach each other and live healthier more sustainable lives.

If you want to explore how to live more sustainable lives, consider wellbeing and learning as fundamentally linked, learn new skills for yourself or to teach others then come and talk to us.

If you are already ahead of us on your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle, if you are part of a group already working on this or you have a business in this field or want to start one we would love to hear from you so we can share what you are doing, work collaboratively and learn.

If you are willing to share your skills or your time we would love to hear from you.

If you want to learn about sustainability, wellbeing and resilience along with us then join a class, come and talk to us.

If you want to join the Pod Repair Cafe then email us

 If you have been feeling powerless in the face of overwhelming bad news on the state of the planet or feeling disillusioned or feeling the need to do something but not sure what then come along and talk to us, join the conversation; we are not saying we have the answers but we do want to do something so we are trying this.

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