Sourdough Starter and the Story of Grain

Joe Fitzmaurice from Riot Rye, Cloughjordan will join us to discuss sourdough bread, grains, natural
fermentation and how to maintain a healthy sourdough starter.

He will take us on a journey from soil health through milling and the importance of wholegrain and using natural fermentation sourdough to
achieve the greatest nutritional benefits from our breads.

He will look at the recent re-introduction of heritage and landrace wheat and the importance of mixed population grains for resilience and
adaptation for living with diverse climate conditions. He will discuss various forms of home and industrial milling and how to
differentiate between various wholemeal and refined flours available. We will then look at developing your own sourdough starter and pro tips on how to bake delicious sourdough breads at home

This will be an hour-long webinar, set in Riot Rye Bakehouse and Bread School.  There will be time at the end for Q & As.

If you would like to develop your own sourdough starter and bake sourdough breads at home, here are links for a simple sourdough starter
and The Common Loaf  sourdough bread recipe.

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