SEEDS Part One: Seed Conservation, then and now, abroad and at home and what True Harvest Seeds is doing to help

FREE: Seed Conservation, then and now, abroad and at home and what True Harvest Seeds is doing to help

Join Debbie Gillies, of True Harvest Seeds for a two part talk on seeds.

Part One:Many people may not have given much thought to seeds until the lockdown when demand skyrocketed. There is so much more to seeds than people realise, they really are at the cornerstone of our survival both in terms of providing food for us but also for the pollinators that help ensure the food we eat grows. Who has control of the seeds we grow, where do the seeds come from, why seed saving is so vital and will there be a variety of vegetable varieties available to us in the future and why is that important? What is involved in the work of True Harvest Seeds in safeguarding Ireland’s native wild plants? These are all questions worth asking will be touched upon in these talks.

True Harvest Seeds is a charity in law, focused on conserving Ireland’s indigenous seed-bearing plants for future generations by securely storing their seeds.

Tickets Part One 

Part two will be about growing and harvesting seeds. Follow link below to book part two taking place on 29th July.

Debbie has extensive knowledge on the growing, collection and preservation of seed. From years of work as an organic vegetable producer to co-founder of True Harvest Seeds in 2013 and many journeys in between, she has been growing plants from seed and later breeding vegetable seed since she was taught by her two Grandfathers as a child, so this is a fantastic opportunity to listen to one of Ireland experts on native plants and their seeds, learn tips on how to grow both vegetables and wildflowers from seed, some best practices in growing plants including having seed saving in mind and how to collect and store your seed – to maintain greatest viability going forward. Seeds: Part Two Growing & Harvesting

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