Explorations in Rewilding and Ancestral skills – Free Online Talk

Lucy O’Hagan will join us to discuss her explorations in Rewilding and Ancestral skills. She will share about her journey so far, including her most recent Stone Age trip and immersive, wild-living experiences. Lucy will also explore with us why she thinks Rewilding our lives is the key to living a healthier, more connected life and why it’s important now more than ever to do so. Lucy will share practical ways to begin to rewild your life, whether you live in a rural or urban space. This will be an hour long webinar with pictures and videos, with a live Q & A at the end.

Lucy O’Hagan is an Ancestral skills teacher, Rites of passage facilitator and Forest School practitioner. She is the founder and director of Wild Awake, an organisation which seeks to rekindle environmental and cultural resilience through the (re)learning of Ancestral and Traditional skills in nature. As part of this organisation, she also organises the Phoenix Forest School, based in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, which offers long term forest school programmes for young people aged 4-16 and has been thriving for the past five years.

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