“I believe there is an outside chance to save the Earth and most of its tenants. This outside chance must be grasped with gambler’s hands.” Ben Goldsmith

It’s July 2021 and more than half the year has slipped by already. The Pod Project, like everyone else has slowed down its activities although we have kept things going in the background. Now though we are ready to emerge from our period of contemplation and slowly begin to move forward. This blog post is very much an invitation to connect with The Pod Project if some of the things we want to achieve are of interest to you.

We are planning to begin work on developing The Pod Project garden. Something we had hoped to do nearly two years ago but like everything it has been delayed. However, that has given us time to contemplate what we really want to achieve. It is our intention to create the garden into a learning space for permaculture and the principles of earth care, fair share and people care. We are going to develop the garden in six stages through classes and workshops starting with an online introductory session, then an in person design phase, followed by some practical implementation days and zoom talks covering carpentry, soil, seeds and growing in a polytunnel. We will also explore gardens as a sacred place, a space to reconnect with nature and finish off with a celebration.

This work will be done gradually over the next 9 – 12 months and we hope that taking part will offer a transformative experience that will help us all connect with nature and each other as well as providing some practical skills for living in a more sustainable way. We want to explore how we can live more in harmony with nature, consume less and in a very small way, contribute to the huge challenges, we on planet earth, are currently facing.

Covid has shown us how busy modern lives are, how they are structured and disconnected from the natural rhythms of life but that if we take time out we can visualise a different way of being. By taking time out to imagine a more harmonious and abundant way of living for all (animal, insect and plants included) we can achieve a sense of renewal, establish connections with ourselves and the rest of nature.  We hope that through the development of The Pod Project Garden we can create a place that people can come to explore these concepts and gain practical skills and friends in the process.

So if you are interested in taking part in this process, joining some of the classes or all of them, please email us with the subject line ‘Sustainability, Self & Soul’ to thepodprojectni@gmail.com. Due to Covid restrictions places will be limited.