It’s taken a while to decide what to do next with the Pod Project. Like everyone else we have been adjusting to the “new normal” and refining what the Pod Project can offer during this time. Much of it, at least for the next few months, will be online although gradually we hope there will be a mixture of online and face to face interaction.

We have also taken the time to reflect about this experience and written a piece exploring the history of transformation in civilisations.  Many people have used this time to do practical tasks – enjoy being at home (see our Q&A with Derek white on putting up a polytunnel) but also to reconnect with nature, consider what it means to be a part of the this huge, amazing organism ‘Earth’ and have asked  ‘how can things be different going forward?’

It is evident that that we need to do things differently both for ourselves and for mother earth, the question remains – how to make this happen.  We hope that we can find a path together, that through conversation and intention we can bring forth new opportunities and new ways to interact with people and the planet. We hope you will join us for our ‘Cook your own’ supper and conversation evenings in the future so that we can continue the conversation, link with others in this world-wide movement and make change happen.

What we are doing now? 

Technology is amazing and although it can’t replace the face to face contact that we all need  we hope it will offer connection and build community beyond our traditional boundaries; It is giving us an opportunity to offer talks that otherwise would never happen or would take months to arrange and involve everyone travelling. So whilst we hope to see people at the Pod Project base eventually, for now we are set to enjoy the alternative.

So this is what we have come up with:

Since the lockdown began The Pod Project’s yoga guru, Bruce White has been running free online morning yoga classes for an hour. Now thanks to the Community Fund we are able to offer more online yoga classes including seated yoga.

We have now launched ‘The Lockdown Files’ – a series of free talks on Zoom with experts from across Ireland on a whole variety of topics around earth care, people care and fair share. During our work on this element of the project we have had the opportunity to talk to some amazing and knowledgeable people and we are really glad they have agreed to share their skills and passion for their subjects with us through these talks.

Topics include Rewilding with Mary Reynolds, Ancestral Skills and Rewilding with Lucy O’Hagan of Wild Awake, Growing Seasonal Salad Leaves with The Edible Flower – Cooking demo & talk , Sour Dough Starter and the story of grain with Riot Rye, Bee Conservation with Boom Tree Bees,  Edimental Flowers with Orlaith Murphy,  Seed Conservation and Seed Growing with True Harvest Seeds,  Generating your own energy – wind & solar with Lakan Farm, sustainable buying, organic growing with Derek White and Propagation.

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Don’t worry if you missed an event we are recording them and will add them to our YouTube page.

We hope you enjoy them.