This morning, I have woken up ridiculously early given what time I went to bed but I am just still buzzing after last nights volunteer supper and conversation event. The energy captured in an event like that resonates and stays with you so I think it may take me a while to come down off the ceiling and focus back on the detail of life; The animals are helping me with that mind you, both the dog and one of the cats are eyeing my breakfast with keen interest meaning I need to keep my wits about me if I don’t want it to disappear by setting it aside in a moment of abstraction. I am heading to work shortly and probably that will complete the process but for the moment I am going to enjoy the burst of euphoria I am currently feeling.

Right back at the beginning of this blog I talked about about how the three of us came together and came up with the Pod project on winter evenings by firelight. Another winter and this time we are hosting our first volunteer event, welcoming arrivals by firelight and having supper and conversation by candlelight. The Pod Project space has been transformed over time and seeing it staged for the evening its hard to believe that this once dark and cold space is now so different. Gone are the red walls and the mountains of stuff accumulated over time using a building, out with old carpets and worn out flooring signs of a building well used. Now it is warm and cosy and has 30 people in it all here to talk and share ideas about how we might work together to make a difference, even if only in a small way but made bigger by linking with the many many similar movements and groups across the world.

The format for the evening had been a source of some discussion, originally we envisaged that only a handful of people would be there and the evening would evolve organically and informally but as more and more people got in touch to say they would be coming it soon became clear that we needed a more defined plan. In the end we settled on two long rows of tables set with plates, cutlery, candles and greenery and three stools at the front for us to perch on and host the evening. The whole focus of the project is to bring people together to not be about hierarchy but about creating a sense of togetherness and shared goals and we hoped this style would work and I think it’s safe to say it did. From the moment people started introducing themselves and talking about why they were there the whole atmosphere of the room became energised. People had come from all walks of life, from locations near the project up to 40 minutes away, some with fledgling businesses and projects of their own but all complimentary, everyone had a story and skills to share weaving together to form a rich tapestry of people.

Truly what we got from the evening was everything we hoped for when we sat by the fire a winter ago and dreamed about changing the world and finding people who felt the same. Yes we got the very much needed offers of support and help but much more than that we got to spend a magical evening with a group of inspirational people; it felt like coming home to people who got it, who also felt compelled to take action and who were seeking answers to the problems we are all facing. I feel privileged to have met them all and delighted that we will, with luck and a fair wind, be working together going forward. Thank you to everyone who came and to the support team (you know who you are) who made this possible.